We love seeing others reaching their full potential

Who are your guides?

We are three passionate consultants with a background in science and consulting. Together we combine more than 50 years experience in management, business development, and organizational development as well as deep knowledge in biology, neuroscience, and psychology. We share a love for books, personal development, and life-long learning. We truly delight in seeing others unleashing their full potential and thrive.

Dr. Karolin Helbig

  • Human biologist/Dr. rer. physiol.
  • Mindset coach and trainer for leadership with emotional intelligence
  • Former McKinsey consultant
  • Deep interest in philosophy

Dr. Wiebke Stegh

  • Psychologist (M.Sc.)/Dr. phil.
  • Certified Business Coach and Yoga teacher
  • Consulting and training: personal and organizational development
  • Focus on (self-)leadership and well-being

Dr. Isabel von Korff

  • Biologist /Dr. rer. nat./MBA
  • Lecturer (bio-psychology & management) and mentor 
  • Big corporate and consulting (Life Science)
  • Love for innovation management and female leadership