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curiosity • courage • connexion

It's about wholeness and connexion -
Explore what`s possible!

Explore what's possible when leading wholeheartedly

You and the many clients of our consulting boutique are open and reflective leaders who love to drive change and sometimes wish for more support.

You want to make a noticeable difference – for your team as well as for the individuals.

Committing to CURIOSITY, embracing COURAGE, and fostering CONNECTION: We believe these are the key ingredients to support you in mastering change and the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s work.

As a consulting boutique, we support modern leaders like you in unleashing their full potential and thriving wholeheartedly in our modern business world.

Explore what's possible

What drives us?

Due to permanent challenges such as VUCA and accelerating change, we need new approaches to remain efficient, fulfilled, and healthy.

As a leader with a lot of responsibility you might sometimes feel on the edge and unsettled.

The ongoing pressure to perform and motivate your team, could eventually even impact your initial love for driving change and ambitious projects.

We truly believe that even in this challenging world we oftentimes have more resources and possibilities for action than we first realize.

As a consulting boutique, we love to discover and develop these with you – based on our three main principles:


Daring to show up fully - having trust in yourself and your potential.


Committing to open hearts and open minds - being a life-long learner.


Being connected on a human basis - towards yourself, others and the living world.

Three brains, three hearts and threefold impact and delight

Karolin & Isabel & Wiebke

We are also in the VUCA storm and know that success AND fulfilment is not always easy despite top prerequisites.

But we believe it’s possible. We experience it every day in our work as consultants with clients and in our own collaboration.

Leadership Expeditions is more than the sum of three clever minds. We combine competence, experience and enthusiasm to the power of three – in a prag-magic way.

Together with you we conjure tailor-made solutions for your organization in a co-creative and fun way.

Let us implement "leading wholeheartedly" together.

Don’t hesitate: We’ll meet for a no-obligation get-to-know-each-other session and work out the first possible steps with you on our Miro Board.

Our dedication to excellent work at no risk for you.

So far, no customer has been dissatisfied. If you are the first, we will not charge you.

Explore what's possible and book a free session with us!

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Explore what's possible

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