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What do we offer?

We offer trainings, workshops and learning experiences to support you and your team to reach a new level.

To really make a sustainable difference, we moved away from traditional one-time, cognitive-focused formats and now offer experience-based explorations of learning nuggets, so called „Leadership Expeditions“. Busy leaders appreciate those Leadership Expeditions because they are self-paced, flexible, and fun.

As any organization has its specific prerequisites, we are happy to accommodate to your needs in terms of time, place, and modus. 

We also offer well-established programs like SOLE, an elaborate way to support learning in a virtual and highly scalable context. 

Let’s discuss what suits you best!

How does a Leadership Expedition look like?

All elements are customized to your needs and can be combined individually. 

Phase N° 1

Co-creative design phase

ca. 1-3 weeks

  • shaping content and topics
  • defining target group and internal communication
  • developing a schedule
  • optimizing technical set-up (own plattforms or e.g. closed groups in LinkedIn can be used for the learning journey)

Phase N° 2

Kick-off "base camp"

ca. 1-2 h

  • workshop (virtual or in-person) with participants to officially start the Leadership Expedition
  • overview of schedule and procedure
  • first content to create common base for everyone and warm up together 

Phase N° 3

Learning journey

ca. 4-12 weeks

  • on defined days of the week participants receive attractive learning impulses on the topic (e.g. video, article, self-reflection task, assignment, info graphic …)
  • pull- vs. push-principle: participants choose when and how intensely they work on the learning impulses
  • peer-learning and community to ensure participation: sharing ideas, real-life challenges and best practices, moderated by us
  • Q&A-live sessions in between to address questions

Phase N° 4

Closing session "summit"

ca. 1-2 h

  • workshop (virtual or in-person) with participants to officially close the Leadership Expedition
  • re-cap of the learning journey and best practice sharing
  • ensuring sustainability, sharing tools for implementation and foster habit building

What is our portfolio of topics?

We are passionate about topics that touch our brains as well as our hearts. Our clients see the following topics as the ones that really make a difference for them and their teams:

We believe courage is vital to successful leadership – and it’s more feasible than you think! Courageous leadership is a deliberate practice, not a fixed character trait. We support you and your team to train your courage muscle: Stepping out ouf your comfort zone, speaking up and making tough decisions. Shift boldly into action with curiosity and growth mindset.

Drama Triangle is a concept that provides us with an eye-opening view on ourselves and our teams. Instead of looking for external causes to blame which is something we are very used to, the concept of Drama Triangle invites us to take full responsibility for our actions and responses. If applying the concept continuously we move from unconscious and automatic reactions to conscious and chosen actions.

Research shows that Psychological Safety is vital for teams to be successful as well as for humane and resilient workplaces. It is the enabling ingredient allowing everyone to contribute fully. If you are eager to make the most of the talent you have and you want to create inclusive work spaces, you need leaders who commit to ensure Psychological Safety.

We explore with you surprising insights from neurobiological research on „Extended Mind“ (Annie Murphy Paul) how to increase mental performance in our modern world. It’s about how we and our (creative) thinking benefit if we don’t just think with our own brain, but include other resources as well: Our environment, other people (and their brains) and our own bodies. Leverage neurobiology for more innovation and growth!

Most of what we think and do is based on unconscious habits and implicit patterns. This is due to our brain’s design and makes us capable of acting fast. But it can lead to systematic errors and biases, especially when facing complex and stressful situations. Therefore, it’s critical to raise awareness and learn strategies to de-bias.

We are convinced that we need to change to a place where all human beings and personalities can unleash their potential. We believe that „supposedly female“ qualities such as collaboration, empathy and mindfulness are key ingredients to be a successful and compassionate leader – whatever gender you are. Everyone is thriving when the full spectrum of leadership competencies – from assertiveness to vulnerability – can come to play in an individual and balanced way.

Your desired topic could be here.

If you are eager to explore another topic dear to your heart, let us know. We are more than happy to discover together how we can best support your organization.